Farm pics

Hey everybody, I added some more pictures to our Farm Picture page!!!!


Chocolate Milk!!!

Hey everyone, So lately Dad has been drinking a lot of chocolate milk, So I thought I would share our chocolate syrup recipe with y’all!!

1  1/2 c. sugar  3/4c. cocoa 1c. water   dash of salt

Bring your above ingredients to a boil remove from heat and add 1.tsp. vanilla!!!!

And there you go quick simple and easy!!!

Hope y’all have a wonderful day and,

Merry Christmas




Kaelyn coming in from the blueberry patch!!
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Hello Everyone!!!

Hi every one, And Merry Christmas!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.. ok a long while..lol I am working on some new recipes, and will post them soon!! We have been very busy this fall, We planted around 3 acres of blueberry’s, Which took some doings, I will post pictures of them soon!!!! All of our heifers have been having baby’s, and so we have lots of little calves running around the farm!! Well that’s all for now!… Keep posted for new updates!!!

Merry Christmas

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Beautiful clouds!!

Hey everybody, I just thought I would post a pic I took the other day…… The clouds were so beautiful!!! =D


Hey ya’ll , sorry I have not posted sooner! We have been so busy here on the farm, we are battling the heat right now 😦 we are praying for rain!! We need it *SO* bad! All of our fields and crops are drying up! We are doing all we can to keep our animals cool..the heat is so hard on our milk cows… and our chickens. I do not like the heat at all!

Well I hope ya’ll have a blessed day and are staying cool….. I will try to post some recipes soon.. so check back often =D

Kaelyn Burton

Hay field!!!

I just love a big open hay field such a pretty sight!!!  Hope you all enjoy this picture!!