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Irish Soda Bread!!

Hey every one, So I just made this for the first time! It was really pretty good! Dad doesn’t like raisins.. So I was thinking you could change it around and put cranberries in it if you don’t like raisins like my dad!! ūüôā

4c. sugar                                  2c. raisins ( or cranberries)
1/4c. sugar                               1 large egg, plus 1 large egg yolk
2tsp. baking powder                1 1/2c. buttermilk
1tsp. salt                                  1tsp. baking soda
4.tbl cold butter                        1tbl. heavy cream

preheat over to 350*
In a large bowl mix flour,sugar ,baking powder,salt, Add butter and with a pastry blender,blend together! Fold in raisins!
In a small bowl mix buttermilk,egg and baking soda! Add egg mixture to flour mixture using a spatula, mix together until the dough just comes together! Place on a baking sheet and form into a domed loaf!
In a small bowl whisk together egg yoke and cream, brush over the loaf!
Place in oven and bake for about an hour or until golden brown!!

I had fun making this hope you will too!!



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Well  last tonight we made burritos for supper and we had home made cheese dip with it ( YUM)!! Here is what we do to make our burritos!!!

Take one pound of hamburger , fry it along with 1 onion then set aside . Then you need to make the  enchilada sauce, Take a 28oz can of crushed tomatos place in a  large bowl then add, 2t. salt , 2 rounded tsp of chilli seasoning, 1tsp. of garlic powder, 2tsp. of minced dried onion , 1 rounded tsp. of cumin and one box of cream of chicken soup and several big spoon fulls of sour cream, mix well. Now I will tell you how to put all of this stuff together!!! Put a couple of spoon fulls of sauce in the bottom of your pan .Then  take one tortilla and  place a scoop full of hamburger and a small amount of grated cheese , roll up and  place in  pan. Repeat until your hamburger is all gone. Then take your sauce that you made  and pour over you burritos then top with cheese . Cover with foil place in  375* oven bake for about  45 to an hour!!

Ok this is how we make our cheese¬†dip….. yum

1 egg.

1tbl. flour  

1tbl. milk

Mix together well and pour in sauce pan then add:

1c. cream

1c. milk 

Cook over medium heat until almost boiling, stirring constantly, then add cheeses alittle at a time stirring well between additions!! 

8oz. grated cheese

4 oz cream cheese  ( cut in little pieces)

Once cheese is melted add the following:

1 can of rotel

2tsp. of salt ( or to taste ) 

4tsp. of chilli powder ( or to taste )


Well I hope you all have enjoyed another recipe… lol…. BOY I sure dont like this cold weather do you??


PS… Sorry I dont have a pic of the cheese dip!!!

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Ok, I am  so obsessed with french fries and honey mustard!!! Any way I just  made this for supper somthing kind of quick and easy. First what you need to  do is defrost enough steak to feed your family. Then I take a large skillet  and  place enough coconut oil in my skillet to cover the bottom. Then place your meat in your pan and coat  throughly with garlic salt. Brown  your steak on each side then place in a 400* oven and cook until done. We had french fries and honey mustard and lettuce with our steak ( YUM)!!! 


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Last year we grew several different kinds of squash. But our fav out of all of them was the buttercup squash. My Mom found out an amazing may to cook them, they are so good!!!!

First start by cutting  your squash in half. Then gut it,  in other words scoop the seeds out of the center. Place on a baking sheet ( foil lined)  then  put  the following into the hole: 2tbl. butter,  3tbl. brown sugar,  sprinkle of cinnamon  and  a drizzle of honey!!! Bake at 357* until they are tender, poke with fork to tell. Then scrape your squash and juice and place in a bowl, give it a good stir then serve!!

You can really bake this at any temperature, Mom puts it in to cook slow at a low temperature for Sunday dinner, it will also bake just as well at a higher temperature if you are baking several things in the oven at one time…which we often do!








Then here is your finished product!!







Hope you all are enjoying this nice weather¬†I can’t believe¬† its Feburary can you ?


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Patty Melts!!!!

Well around here everybody loves it when Mom ( or me)¬† says we are having patty melts¬† for supper. By now ya’ll are probably wondering what¬†in the world¬†are patty melts, keep reading and you’ll find out!!

Ok start by frying how ever many hamburgers you will need to feed your family.Ok, I will tell you the most important part, now pay attention!!! This is how you make the patty  melt sauce:  take about  1c. of mayo and 1/2c. of ketchup and last but not least 6 tlb.of pickle juice or to taste ( makes it tangy) and mix well. Ok now that you know how to make the pattie melt sauce you need to grate enough cheese to put on all of your hamburgers!!

Now you need to toast enough bread to put on all of your hamburgers!!!

 This is how you put it all together start by taking your hamburger and  put some of your cheese on it and then add pickles and onions (dont have to but we love them both on our pattie melts) and then put your hot toasted bread on you hamburger kind of like a sandwich  ;)you know!!  and then last but not least put some of the sauce on your plate and then dip your pattie melt in the sauce!!! And then you can serve it with chips of french fries!!

Hope you all liked this recipe, if you need help or have any questions comment here, Iwould be more than happy to help!

See ya

Kaelyn !!!!

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Well last night Ineeded somthing quick and easy  to make for supper so I  made  baked hamburgers  and home made french fries every body loves this around here!! Here is the recipe for ya!!! 

 Take 2 pounds of  hamburger and make it into hamburger patties and set aside.

Mix  1c. water  1/2c. ketchup, 2T. mustard, 2T. vinegar, 1/2c. brown sugar, 3/4t. salt

Mix together above ingredients and pour over hamburger patties and bake at 350* for 45 to one hour.

Now Iwill tell you how I make my french fries.  First I start by cutting up 4 to 5 big baking potatoes,  I just cut them into long thin strips and then I fry them in coconut oil. I prefer to use coconut oil than crisco, crisco tends to make them  more greasy than the coconut oil plus it is better for you!!  We love dipping our french fries in  honeymustard   so here is what I do. I start by using  1c. of mayonaise, 1/3c. of  coarse ground mustard and about  1/3c. honey. Mix and adjust with more mustard and /or honey to taste. We store this in a plastic squeeze bottle in the fridge.

Well I hope yall have enjoyed another recipe!!!!


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With the mercury rising in the upper 90’s it is just to hot to turn on the oven to make dinner. So what are you going to fix for the family? Here is an idea that I fix year round that is quick and easy and a big hit at our house. Here is what I used in this skillet, you can put your own twist on it.

Take a large skillet and add a few spoonfulls of organic coconut oil, the oil gives everything a sweet flavor.

1 pkg. of our organic chicken breast, deboned and skinned, cut into bite size pieces.

Then I added 2 chopped onions and gave it a good sprinkle of garlic powder

I stirred this all up to coat well with the coconut oil and put on the lid and let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Then it looks like this:

Then I added thinly sliced potatoes, you can add as many as you desire. The potatoes can make it a much larger meal by adding lots of them.

After adding the potatoes to the skillet I gave all of it a generous sprinkling of Real Salt and pepper, you can add any seasoning you would like. Put the lid back on and let it cook until the potatoes soften a bit, maybe 10 minutes. It will then look like this:

 Then I sent one of the kids out to get a golden zucchini out of the garden and I washed it and thinly sliced it.

I then stirred the chicken and potatoes and then put the sliced zucchini on top and put the lid back on for 5 to 10 minutes to steam the zucchini. I then removed the lid and gave it all a good stir and it is ready to eat!!

Keep in mind that this is a very easy dish to change around with what you have on hand. I have added corn and sliced peppers instead of zucchini. I slice and freeze zucchini to use in this skillet in the winter. I also use thinly sliced steak, or any other meat you have on hand. It could even be already cooked beef or chicken that is left over. Chopped fresh tomatoes would be good as well, or some fresh spinach. Have fun and be creative. Everybody here ate it up tonight! 

Lords best to you,



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