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New Friend on the Farm

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Meet Brandy! For some time now Kelsie has been wanting a horse. So after much discussion with Daddy she was able to start looking. It did not take her long to find the horse she had always dreamed of having. Brandy is 9 years old, solid black and a real sweetheart. She will come when you whistle for her and loves attention. Kelsie can go out in the field hop on her bareback and ride her back to the barn with ease. Brandy loves to play in the water, so the above picture is of her and Kelsie heading into the spring fed pond to splash around. Brandy has really bonded with Kelsie since we do not have any other horses for her to buddy up with. When not in the field she will follow Kelsie everywhere she goes. The only problem with that is when one of us wants to ride her. As she will not go anywhere with Kelsie in sight, she wants to be beside her! We can easily put the younger children on her and Kelsie just walks around the yard and they get to go for a ride, fun for everyone! Kelsie started out early on with her horse riding. In the  picture below you will see a blond curly headed Kelsie ( she turned brown and lost her curls around the age of 8 -10) riding “Peanut” the pony. Granny and Pa found him for the girls when they were about 6 and 8 years old. She loved peanut even at that young age and her love for horses has stayed with her. Kelsie  just turned 13 and I am sure she and Brandy will be best friends for many years to come.



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Farm pics

Hey everybody, I added some more pictures to our Farm Picture page!!!!

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Kaelyn coming in from the blueberry patch!!
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Beautiful clouds!!

Hey everybody, I just thought I would post a pic I took the other day…… The clouds were so beautiful!!! =D

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Hay field!!!

I just love a big open hay field such a pretty sight!!!  Hope you all enjoy this picture!!



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WOW it has been like forever since I have posted anything…we have been so busy with chicks, blueberry plants  and all kinds of other farm work:) Here is a pic of our chicks, Mom brought 250 home today!!!!









Here they are underneath the heat lamps!! The heat lamps keep them warm 🙂










In this picture they are all getting their first drink of water!!!









Well better go hope yall have enjoyed this post see ya!!!


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Daniel Boone

Hi everybody!!! Meet my goofy  but sweet little dog Daniel Boone!!! 😉

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