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Cheese cake recipe!!!

Hey everybody, here is the recipe for the Valentines day¬†cheesecake!!! Sorry it took me so long to get it posted ūüėČ We have been so busy!! Have you all been enjoying this nice weather.. we¬† have, the little kids have been out side playing and Dad has been really busy¬†working out side.. I think SPRING has arrived¬†folks!!

2.c Oreo cookies ( ground into crumbs) Mom used a gluten free oreo type cookie for ours
3 TBL butter melted

Mix together and press into a foil lined 9X 13 pan and bake at 325 for 10 minutes. Mom uses a few layers of foil to cover the bottom and sides well.

Then beat together

4  8oz. packages of  cream cheese

1c. sugar

1tsp. vanilla

Then beat in

1c. sour cream

6 squares of semisweet chocolate, melted

Then beat in 4 eggs, one at a time on low speed

Pour on top of crust and bake at 325 for 40 to 50 minutes until the top is cracked and center is almost set. Let cool on counter and then put in fridge overnight. When ready to serve top with a tub of coolwhip and a can of cherry pie filling. You can use the foil to lift out of the pan and then place the whole thing on a tray or cookie sheet if desired.

See ya



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Daniel Boone

Hi everybody!!! Meet my goofy¬† but sweet little dog Daniel Boone!!! ūüėČ

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Girlfriend the cow!!!



Hi everyone meet¬† Girlfriend our jersy cow!!! ūüôā¬† she likes to stand outside and ¬† MOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! ūüėČ ¬†


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Blessings¬† Kelsie!!¬† ūüėÄ

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Happy valentines day!!!

Hey everybody, Happy Valentines day!!! This is what us kids ( and Dad ) got from Mom for Valentines day….yum……yum








I mean how good does that L00K gluten free chocolate cheese cake….¬†Happy Valentines day¬† to all!!! ….. Will post recipe later..lol




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Well  last tonight we made burritos for supper and we had home made cheese dip with it ( YUM)!! Here is what we do to make our burritos!!!

Take one pound of hamburger , fry it along with 1 onion then set aside . Then you need to make the  enchilada sauce, Take a 28oz can of crushed tomatos place in a  large bowl then add, 2t. salt , 2 rounded tsp of chilli seasoning, 1tsp. of garlic powder, 2tsp. of minced dried onion , 1 rounded tsp. of cumin and one box of cream of chicken soup and several big spoon fulls of sour cream, mix well. Now I will tell you how to put all of this stuff together!!! Put a couple of spoon fulls of sauce in the bottom of your pan .Then  take one tortilla and  place a scoop full of hamburger and a small amount of grated cheese , roll up and  place in  pan. Repeat until your hamburger is all gone. Then take your sauce that you made  and pour over you burritos then top with cheese . Cover with foil place in  375* oven bake for about  45 to an hour!!

Ok this is how we make our cheese¬†dip….. yum

1 egg.

1tbl. flour  

1tbl. milk

Mix together well and pour in sauce pan then add:

1c. cream

1c. milk 

Cook over medium heat until almost boiling, stirring constantly, then add cheeses alittle at a time stirring well between additions!! 

8oz. grated cheese

4 oz cream cheese  ( cut in little pieces)

Once cheese is melted add the following:

1 can of rotel

2tsp. of salt ( or to taste ) 

4tsp. of chilli powder ( or to taste )


Well I hope you all have enjoyed another recipe… lol…. BOY I sure dont like this cold weather do you??


PS… Sorry I dont have a pic of the cheese dip!!!

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Happy Birthday Chloe!!

Well today is my little sisters birthday she was born 8 years ago today!! I made a cake for her she likes bunny rabbits so she wanted me to make her a bunnie cake I am going to post  the pic of the cake then I will post the recipe for the cake later!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!!


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Ok, I am  so obsessed with french fries and honey mustard!!! Any way I just  made this for supper somthing kind of quick and easy. First what you need to  do is defrost enough steak to feed your family. Then I take a large skillet  and  place enough coconut oil in my skillet to cover the bottom. Then place your meat in your pan and coat  throughly with garlic salt. Brown  your steak on each side then place in a 400* oven and cook until done. We had french fries and honey mustard and lettuce with our steak ( YUM)!!! 


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