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Hey, Kaelyn here, we have been in the hay lately. We were raking and baling and I decided to go home and get my camera  so I could take some pictures. Here is the field all mowed and raked.

                                  This is my Grandpa (aka  PA ) baling  lookes like Dad and little brother  hitched a ride 🙂

I was riding with Granny while she was raking and I turned around and took a picture of the tractor raking the hay .

                                                                               ALL OF THE KIDS LOVE TO PLAY ON THE ROUND BALES

                                                                               Here is the field all mowed raked and baled 

  I hope you  enjoy the rain ( HA HA ) although it will make our crops grow.  Hope to see ya at the  Springfield Farmers Market tomorrow  we will be there so stop and say ” HELLO”, see ya there .

Kaelyn Burton


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Hi! Kaelyn here,We have been so  busy  with the chickens we are getting ready to butcher again so we are gearing up for that.I am working on a video about how we butcher so stay tuned for that you will not want to miss it.Right now we have been so busy  that I have not had much time to update our blog so I apologize for that.Here is a picture of the garden, Dad just tilled it today.

We planted the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower in early March, but after a few hail storms, lots of wind and very cold temperatures all we are getting are a few small heads of broccoli. They should be setting on big heads. So we will see if they make very many or not.




We have also been busy in the green house we have all kinds of little green tomatoes. We can’t wait untill they are ripe 🙂

Our blueberries and blackberries  are  in full bloom we even have small berries on our blueberries. The blooms on our blackberries are so pretty 🙂



We are still waiting  for our crops to produce,  we planted 6 to 7 rows of  radish’s  and this is all we have got so far  😦


Well I guess I better go hope you all enjoy this nice weather  and the warm sunshine  stop by the  Springfield Farmers Market and say “HI” this weekend, see ya there.

Kaelyn Burton

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Hey guys ,this is Kaelyn  after all of this rain our  creek was  running  so we went for a walk to take some pictures. We got so much rain that is took one of our big trees  out 😦

                                                                           Here are some pictures of our water  fall’s  

                    Below is a picture of  Brown Springs. After all of the rain our grand parents took us driving  to see all of the water

Well I guess I better go I hope you all enjoy this nice weather and sunshine.

Kaelyn Burton

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