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Hey guys whats up?This is  Kaelyn.Guess what we  eat all 3 pies in 3 days……… so it was time to make somthing else so I decided to make  a raw apple cake after I finished my school work. My little brother Dale calls it a rotten apple cake!!!! Ok so here is the recipe:  Start by cutting up 3 cups of apples.


Then add to your apples.

2 eggs

1 c.oil  I used OG coconut oil


1.tsp baking soda

1 tsp.salt

1 tsp. cinnamon

2c. sugar

1 tsp.vanilla

Bake your cake in a 9 X 13 pan,  do not grease it .Then bake at a 375 degree oven for about 1 hour. Then  serve warm. Well I guess I better hope ya’ll enjoy this post. And have a good day!!!! 🙂



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Hey guys whats up? I was in the kitchen this morning in my P.J’s cooking breakfast for our family while Dad was milking the cows and Mom was tending to the baby chickens. I made blueberry muffins  and scrambled eggs with ham. It was very good here is the recipe for the muffins.

6tablespoons of softened butter

2/3c.granulated sugar

2 eggs

1 TSP vanilla

2 TSP baking powder

1/4 TSP salt


1/2. milk

2 cups of fresh of frozen blueberries! I am using blueberries we grew last year and froze.

Heat oven to 375. In a large bowl cream together the butter and sugar until fluffy. Beat in eggs, add the vanilla ,baking powder and salt. Mix in the flour and the milk alternalety. Stir in the blueberries. Fill greased muffin tins or foil baking cups. Bake  25-30 minutes!!! Everybody around here loves them.


Then I made some ham and eggs, first I beat 6 eggs and add about 1/4 of a cup of milk. Then I choped up some uncured ham, we got our ham from our friends Madewell Meats. Then I melted 2TLB of butter in a pan and then added my ham and eggs.

Well I guess I better go, hope ya’ll enjoy this post and have a good day!!!


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Hey ya’ll ,it’s me Kaelyn,I was just looking at how yucky it is out  I was getting board untill I  walked into the kitchen and realized that we were out of dessert………..  so I had to think of what I can fix on a rainy day. So decided to make pies. Like I said before there are six of us so I made a blueberrie pie  and 2 chocolate pie’s.  Soo first I made pie crust, here is my recipe:



  2/3c.shortning, blend with a pastry blender then mix in  6 to 7 TBL. of water until it forms a ball. I made a quadruple batch. 




After  that  I rolled my pie dough out and placed it in the pie plates

And then I washed about  4 cups of blueberries. Then added 3/4c.sugar and 3tlb of  flour then  mix it up and put it into my pie plate.

Then put on the top crust and cut some vent holes and sprinkle with sugar. Put foil over the pie and place it in a  375 degree oven  and bake for 25 minuets then take off the foil and then put the pie back in for another 25 minuets or until golden  brown.

Then I started on the chocolate pies, here is the recipe: 4 eggs, 4c.milk,  2c.sugar, 9TBL.flour,   4TBL cocoa,  2 TSP vanilla.  Mix this all up and bring to a boil and then take it off of the heat and then pour into your two pies .P.S I already had my pie shells baked and ready to go.



Well better go  hope ya ‘ll enjoy this post have a good day!!!! 

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Country Girl Cooks Supper

Hi Guys ,I am Kaelyn Burton  I am 13 and I love to cook. I am always in the kitchen cooking up a storm.Tonight I made hamburger steak we love it around here.Well first what I did was  defrosted 2lb of hamburger meat.  There are six of us so it takes a lot to feed us. It made ten patties  so I put them in one skillet to fry.


       Then after they are done and no red juice comes out of them when you press down,  take them out of the skillet and pour the grease out.Then take one box of cream of mushroom soup and pour into your skillet and then add about 1 to 2 cups of milk  then  put your patties back in  the gravy then bring it it boil then turn your heat off and serve.


All right what I do is  serve my hamburger steak with  mashed potatoes, it is wonderfull. My little brother calls them the potatoes that are white and fluffy.I make my mashed potatoes like my Granny does.   After you have your mashed potatoes all ready to serve take about  3 to 4  tablespoons of butter and fold in.



This is a picture of some of my mom’s home made bread  and some home made butter (yummy)


 Mom and I  add minced onion  and garlic salt to our greenbeans when they are cooking,  every body here loves them.


All right after a long days work everybody comes  in and eats: COME AND GET IT GUYS  DINNER IS SERVED!!!!



A note about the cream of mushroom soup we are using. It is organic and we order it from the bulk co-op www.azurestandard.com the truck comes to Springfield once a month and you can get great savings. It is by Pacific Natural Foods  the ingredient label is really good, much better than buying the soup in the can from the grocery store with soybean oil and MSG and countless other ingredients that are not real food. This soup is also gluten free. They also have it in cream of chicken and celery. I encourage you to checkout the website and place and order!! 


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We have celebrated 2 birthdays this week. One of our daughters turned 11 and Dales Dad ( aka Pa) turned 70. So that meant it was time for us to make some cakes. The girls have been teaching themselves to decorate cakes. My Great Aunt had taken a cake decorating class and bought all of the supplies and then passed them to me long before I had any children. So over the past couple of years we have been getting it all out and playing with the icing and making a big mess and having fun all at the same time. We made Pa a tractor cake, it is red because we have Massey Ferguson tractors. There is not much around here with green paint! Pa’s cake was a made from scratch chocolate cake that is really moist and yummy. I will post the recipe later.  I have made several tractor cakes, my Dad is a John Deere fan so I made him a green one for his birthday and I have even made a blue Ford tractor cake for some friends for their baby shower, which farm with Ford tractors. Its funny how farmers are, once they get a brand of tractor they like they are usually true to them!!

A few days later we made this cake for Kelsies birthday. She loves the color green and blue so this is what she did to her cake! It was a white 1234 cake recipe we make from scratch. I will get the recipes posted later!!

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Bandits in the hen house

Back in the fall Dales Mom ( known around here as Granny) wanted a few hens. So Pa fixed her a little hen house. A few nights ago a coon got in and had chicken for supper. So Pa set a live trap and got really good results…he caught 2!!!! They must have gone in the trap at the same time, as in side by side. Because once a critter walks in the trap door closes. So luckily he caught them or else Granny would have lost another hen or possibly 2. They are really big fat coons and  have slick coats. Pa said they are grain fed!!! They had been getting in the other barn where he stores the chicken feed. He tried to catch them in there with no luck.

So…..we are huge fans of Daniel Boone, after all our oldest daughter named her mini-schnauzer that. We have talked about making coon skin caps out of them. But don’t worry Pa called the conservation dept. to see if they had any use for them. He is waiting to hear back. He does not want to kill them since they are so big and pretty. He is thinking he will probably take them down by Galena to the river and just relocate them. Hopefully they will not come back!!!! One of them had a bloody nose from running it into the wire on the cage, while growling at us.  Just a little excitement today!! Around here you never know what it will be!!!

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Dale has been spending the afternoon pruning the blueberry bushes. We have had some trouble again this year with moles and voles making tunnles under the plants. Which has caused some trouble, they chew the drip line into pieces, then in the spring when it is time to start watering the bushes we have lots of holes to fix in the lines. He has also discovered a few dead bushes where under the bush the unwanted critters have chewed away the roots. So while out pruning today he also came across these visitors who now call our blueberry patch home, at least for the time being. A little closer look shows:

 Fur! So, wanting to know what kind of critter was living under the mulch next to the blueberry bush we fine these:

 Baby rabbits! Aren’t they cute, it looks like there is quite a few in the nest. Of course we were careful not to disturb them and covered them back up so they would stay warm. Dale had leather gloves on, hopefully the mother will not suspect anything.  The kids wanted to keep one and raise it as a pet, but we convinced them that there was no way they could raise a baby bunny. One of our daughters has had several pet rabbits over the years. The last one she got last year for her birthday, it lived in its cage in her room until he got to big. Then she moved him outside to a larger cage and discovered that he had found a way to get out one night. After many heartaches over runaway bunnies she has finally decided that they do not make very good pets! These wild bunnies all looked a little different, the one in the picture has white on its head, another looked like a very dark gray color. You just never know what you might find living in the blueberry patch!!!

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